Name :   Dell
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Comments :   What a voice...

Name :   Howard P
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Comments :   I have your Crows album. What a totally delightful creation.

Name :   Guy Hammer
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Comments :   Just came upon your music hope to see you in the Washington, Dc area.

Name :   earl
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Comments :   just the other day I was digging through some of my cds and rediscovered the joy of hearing your music. Im a big fan of musicians whose unique style sets them apart from whatever they call music on the radio these days. I would enjoy finding out if you ha

Name :   Greg McKinley
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Comments :   Ive just jumped on board and have only heard The Duel. After listening to The Duel I quickly went to Amazon and ordered more of your cds. You have fantastic range and I really enjoy your writing. The next thing is to see you on stage hopefully in the near

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