Name :   metusmetu
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Comments :   I am a great fan of yours, and am looking for a 8X10 photo of you when you sang in Horse Whisperer. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. Thank you.

Name :   Donte Morgan
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Comments :   I first heard your voice breath new life into Brother can you spare a dime in The People Speak. I could not ignore your beautiful voice and immediately did a search for more of your songs. You have a new fan.

Name :   Hubert Powell
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Comments :   I got all your CD & I love them all.

Name :   Anders
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Comments :   Just discovered a video of send down an angel and realized its about Gram Parsons. Fantastic song. all the best to you Allison. best regards, /Anders in Sweden

Name :   Ian Taggart
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Comments :   please let me know when the new album is coming out

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