Your Name :   Teresa Emerson
Date :   June 2, 2010
Comments :   Martha: Your website looks GREAT!!
Your Name :   Tina
Date :   3-23-2010
Comments :   Your new front page looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!
Your Name :   Cruise
Date :   3/09/10
Comments :   I really like Lucy,She is a pretty girl with great angles.I cant wait to see you at the next show!
Your Name :   Ursula McAtee
Date :   11/21/2009
Comments :   Martha, even though the really big dogs are not for me, I loved your pics. They all look like loveable giants. I am so proud of you sista!
Your Name :   Your Daughter
Date :   
Comments :   The web site looks Great. I proud of you. Love You xoxo
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