First Name :   Don Cote
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Comments :   In 1972 while marking the Allagash Waterway boundary near Chamberlain Lake, we found the F89 engine laying on the line. According to a local story, Al Nugent had attempted to haul the engine to his sporting camp but came up a bit short. There were no othe

First Name :   Ed
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Comments :   Love the site. Hiking to these crash sites is a rewarding way to pay tribute to the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. I found the Bald Mountain site last week (fuselage and right wing). Can someone guide me to the impact site from

First Name :   sami evanson
e-mail :   sami.evanson
Comments :   :) i look forward to seeing the field of aviation archaeology progress

First Name :   Art
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Comments :   This is a fascinating site. Your efforts are most impressive!

First Name :   Roger Corriveau
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Comments :   Very interesting site. I lived in Portsmouth NH most of my life,and was always facinated by planes beacuse of Pease Airforce Base located there. I have since retired, and my wife and I now live in Dummer, NH. I like the fact that you respect crash sites a

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