First Name :   Martin
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Comments :   Thank you. You have added to my understanding, and knowledge about my uncles death. December 1, 1943. Corsair ii which broke up as he pulled out of a dive from 25.000 feet. [JT 289].

First Name :   Bill
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Comments :   Great website. Fascinating hobby, my Uncle Jim is a volunteer at MAM. We will definitely be visiting this summer when I bring my family back home! Tell Uncle Jim his Black Shoe nephew says hello. Keep up the great research, cant wait to buy the book!

First Name :   Donald Cote
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Comments :   I visited the Elephant Mountain crash site this summer. While working at Loring AFB, in the early 60s I heard a lot of talk about the tragedy and met some people who were involved with the search and rescu. Visiting the site brought the memories back. Whi

First Name :   Norman McKinstry
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Comments :   There is a projected book soon to be published about the Brits in Maine authored by Alden Weigelt, Waterville police dept.

First Name :   Jeff
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Comments :   When I was stationed at Loring as an air traffic controller when there was a wheels up landing of a T-37. Not in your list. Not sure of the year but I was there 78-80. The T-37 was part of the PIC program for co-pilots. Theres a reason controllers remind

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