Name :   Mufadda Tambawala
Comment :   Love the way the birds are kept and that too in prim and proper condition would love to have them with me here in India, Mumbai where i am from .
Name :   Ron Berry
Comment :   I think it is great that these birds have a wonderful home to call there own keep up the good Mark an Debbie. God bless you both.
Name :   Donald Lewis Hutcheson
Comment :   I really like what you are doing with the birds. I have a Gophins Cocotoo she is the love of my life her name is Snowy with her and Jesus in my life any thing is possible.
Name :   Stephanie Allen
Comment :   Congratulations sweet Rutha! Youve touched my heart, I celebrate you! The wondrous blessing of you having a forever Home, winning the recent contest - whats next for you little One? I wish you forever in bliss.
Name :   April
Comment :   I respect you guys so much for what you do. I have downloaded the Goodsearch toolbar and now Im using the Goodshop tools to be able to help you guys in the most ways possible! My best wishes for these birds!
Name :   Laura Wilkeson
Comment :   GOD BLESS YOU for what you do for the precious parrots!
Name :   Jonathan Hannema
Comment :   Awesome site. Love the photos and helpful information you have provided. Keep up the good work.
Name :   Jay Vanlandingham
Comment :   Ah...first time on the site...looks good. I use to have a Train and Racing me into races free alot. It just went away as of January..that and didnt have time to do much with it after awhile. But it was fun. Good luck with the rescue mission for
Name :   Marcia Ferguson
Comment :   Really enjoyed visiting the birds outside last summer, and will be back when its warm enough for them to come out and play. Great job youve both done!
Name :   Angie Miller
Comment :   Wow I cant believe you KEEP them all! LOL I would love to be able to do that! I belong to an African Grey Congo named Odie. Shes about 10 and we are best friends!
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