Name :   Jenny Evans
Comment :   You guys are wonderful!!! Truly angels on Earth!!!!
Name :   Christina
Comment :   Very touched by your work.. keep it up.
Name :   harold shelley
Comment :   love driving by frostys home and am glad these are having another chance of happiness. Im trying to rescue a cockatiel. He is missing part of beak. Do you know a vet who can take a look?
Name :   Lee Davidson
Comment :   Fantastic rescue. You two work so hard to make this a success.
Name :   Brenda Price
Comment :   Delilah loved her shirt and she to is a bird lover . i should say is a animal lover she has two dogs acat two birds a guinea pig five fish and she wants to be a vet when she grows up
Name :   Cody and Odin, two norwegian parrotts
Comment :   Rules for life by parrotts: If YOU like it, it is mine - If you try to pick it up, it is mine - If I have it in my beak, it is mine - If I can take it from you, it is mine - If I had it a while ago, it is mine - If it is mine, never imag
Name :   Else Berit Nome Kristensen
Comment :   What a great job youre doing!!! I will save this page as one of my favourites....
Name :   linda cadore indianapolis indiana
Comment :   good morning a friend sent me an email about a bird named snoball and that it is on you tube and how wonderful it was and more.....and i myself have a yellow naped green amazon parrot named mork that was rescued and then given to me......i adore her...she
Name :   Qasim Qayyum ( Pakistan)
Comment :   Its really good to see that you are doing a good work here. Its really helpful for all the birds keeper. You site is full of information. How can i help you regarding that?
Name :   Diane Spriggs
Comment :   God Bless you.....It takes special people to do what you are doing! I am so grateful that I met you!
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