Name :   Robin Rand
Comment :   God Bless You & Yours for all you do for our fine feathered friends!
Name :   Rhea Lynn Clark
Comment :   Hey Deb, nice website! You sure provide a valuable service to all communities. Your hard work is appreciated! God Bless!
Name :   Donald Jacques and The Jacques Flock
Comment :   We are proud to be your friends. Love your website
Name :   Lori
Comment :   Thank you so much for your work... which is for the birds!!! Really, it is wonderful what you are doing, and doing so well. I wish you lots of generous donors and a healthy, happy future.
Name :   Rebecca
Comment :   Thank you for helping the birds!
Name :   Magic
Comment :   Just love your personality , Very helpful and best person to give your parrots too , you can not find the better person than Debbie and Mark .
Name :   Cathy aka Paloma Perch
Comment :   Great website Deb (my new buddy!) & Mark! Your birds all are beautiful! Can you add a Like button to your website so that it can get more exposure on facebook? That would be great...but I dont know how that works. Ill be sure to often post your website on
Name :   Michael Cox
Comment :   Your Birds are all very beautiful. Thank you for being some of the special ones that love and care for bird. We need many more on the planet, just like you! warmly, Michael
Name :   Arty J Tovar
Comment :   BrokenWing Wildlife & Exotic & Pigeon Rescue & Rehab is honored to be yer friend!
Name :   Gina Ybarra
Comment :   Thank you for having this site up. The information on bird behavior is very helpful. No one can ever know completely about their pet, that is why i continue to research as much as I can. Thank you again for the helpful info.
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