Name :   j.johnson
Comment :   Interested in buying a pup as my present dog has grown too old.
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Name :   Mark Colegrove
Comment :   Nice looking dogs! Cant wait to see them in person.
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Name :   Diral Adkins
Comment :   I have a soon to be eleven year old Feist squirrel dog named Hammer. His parents were Jack Buckleys Lucy and Clay. Hammer has been, and still is, a great squirrel dog. I hunted several times with Jack and Clay, and he always did a great job. Hammer has th
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Name :   ld smith
Comment :   from canada
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Name :   Ray Parsons
Comment :   I live in southeast Ohio. Looking for a hard stay put tree dog/puppy. Would love to come and watch your dogs go.
Email Address :   carmelvalleyherefords

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