Name :   Piet Maasland
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Comments :   Hi Jay and family, its a nice website showing a very positive and energetic family!! Keep going strong! Best regards, Piet
Name :   Inga Lyons
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Comments :   Rama Rao!!!! Is it really you??? This is Inga from AA&Co, circa mid 80s. Remember??? Ive been thinking about the old gang and decided to look you up. As soon as I found your family web page, I obviously knew it was you! Jeff Heyer and I have re-connected.
Name :   Bill Key
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Comments :   Really enjoy looking at your web page seeing your current family, Patti, and the pics of your parents. Good memories from the past.
Name :   Cristina Visconti
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Comments :   Jay - we have never met - I am your third cousin, fathers side. Paul Rao was my grandfather. My mom, Grayce, is in Palm Beach. She is your dads cousin. Ellie lives in Sarasota, where I live.I recently friended your dad on FB. Great website.
Name :   Vaughn & Jennifer Thomas
Email Address :
Comments :   Jay, What a great idea for a website. What would it cost me to hire you to do the same for me? Thanks for tracking me down. Well keep in touch. VT
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