Name :   Chief
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Comments :   Everyone looks wonderful. Good to see you all.
Name :   Steven Burda
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Comments :   Great family!! - Steven Burda
Name :   Walter Breidenstein
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Comments :   Yo, Jay! Flash from the past. Charlotte, NC. Michelin project with Andersen. Remember? I still do the big hair hand motion, and it cracks me up. I was explaining it to my wife and thought to search for you. Nice website. Your boys look like you. Oh well,
Name :   Bobbie Dabbs
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Comments :   Jay, I love this! What a great looking family!!
Name :   Roz Swan
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Comments :   Joe, It was great seeing your family photos. You look the same as you did when I was working for you!! Looks and sounds like you are doing great! I live in Dallas, TX now, and two of our sons and their families live here too. I added you to my face book.
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