Name :   Jeffery
Email :
Comment :   Interesting website!
Date :   

Name :   Mike
Email :
Comment :   Great site keep up the good work
Date :   24 July 2011

Name :   Peggy Grennan
Email :
Comment :   Nice work compiling all this important information. Bravo and hello from New York.
Date :   June 30, 2011

Name :   Xavier
Email :
Comment :   The Spanish democracy should appreciate the International Brigades members. They let their blood in my country fighting against fascism. Thanks. Viva la XV bridada An Spanish who lives and works in Ireland
Date :   7 May 2011

Name :   frances collister
Email :
Comment :   great site my uncle Frank Tierney fought in the spanish civil war he was from belfast
Date :   22/03/2011

Name :   Alcides R.
Email :
Comment :   Hello, Im from Nicaragua in Central America. I knew about F. Ryan (Frank Ryan?) who was Sandinos former assistant, of Irish origin was captain of the Connolly Column and international brigade in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. Please, I need help
Date :   03-01-2011

Name :   TiarnŠn ” Muilleoir
Email :
Comment :   regularly read the materials on this site. fascinating and inspiring. no pasaran.
Date :   05/02/2011

Name :   simon mckeown
Email :
Comment :   Better to die on youre feet , than die on our knees ! Great site.
Date :   21/11/10

Name :   Josep Manel
Email :
Comment :   Hi, I am writing from Valencia in the Spanish State. My grandfather fought in the Civil War defending the Republic. I am very happy that around the world will remember those people who gave everything for nothing. Madrid serŗ la tomba del feixisme, N
Date :   26-10-2010

Name :   croppy bhoy
Email :
Comment :   Men of honour fighting against fascism, that is still prevalent in our world today.
Date :   2.10.10.

Name :   Owen Hanratty
Email :
Comment :   Looking for information regarding any International Brigaders from Dundalk or Co. Louth who died in the Spanish Civil War?
Date :   26/Sept/2010

Name :   Tina Hunt
Email :
Comment :   My great uncle was John (Jack) Hunt who left Waterford to join the Lincoln Brigade. He was wounded at Jarama - I have a photo of him with other volunteers. Can I send the photo to the site? And has anyone any more information on him? Terrific work - well
Date :   18 August 2010

Name :   Glen Coady
Email :
Comment :   im the great nephew of dinny coady id love to be able to get more information regarding him and close comrades
Date :   11/07/10

First Name :   Bernie
Email: :
Comment :   Arthur Porter from Gorton Manchester was my great Uncle - joined the Volunteer 15th International Brigade. In Spain 8 days KIA in the battle of Jarama. Would love to hear more info about him if any out there.

First Name :   Michael
Email: :
Comment :   There are so many that went to Spain for both sides and their names will never be known, mostly because there is no documentation to prove it.

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