Name :   Sandra
Email :
Comment :   we will always be grateful to the international brigades, those heroes who faught against fascism. Great website. Thanks for keeping the memory.
Date :   23/07/2013

Name :   Jim Monaghan
Email :
Comment :   Nin and the POUM
Date :   

Name :   Bronwyn
Email :
Comment :   Just discovered your site, a wonderful tribute to the Irishmen and women who fought in Spain.
Date :   12/06/13

Name :   Tony Motzenbacker
Email :
Comment :   Do you know if there are recordings of Frank Ryans radio messages from Madrid?
Date :   March 5, 2013

Name :   Sean Warren
Email :
Comment :   Long be rememberd all who served and died fighting for the Spainish Republic
Date :   14.10.12

Name :   Eddie
Email :
Comment :   Did any Irish fight for the other side or were they ALL fighting for communism?
Date :   24-09-2012

Name :   stephen
Email :
Comment :   We owe so much it to the memory of these amazing men who gave their lives to fight a desease called fascism.No Pasaran !
Date :   1/6/12

Comment :   Patrick Joseph Read Irish Anarchist in Spanish Civil War Gratitude and Honor to Patrick Joseph Read for his legacy before, during and after the Spanish Civil War. His life is a source of inspiration for generations: taking decisive action, and inspi
Date :   April 25, 2012

Name :   Ernesto
Email :
Comment :   .... tengo 40 años y yo no vivi esa guerra. MUCHAS GRACIAS A TODOS VOSOTROS, SIEMPRE OS TENDREMOS EN MENTE.
Date :   22-MARZO-2012

Name :   Tom McGuigan
Email :
Comment :   The Fight against Fascism is not over. We must continue the Struggle Non Pasaran!!
Date :   27/02/12

Name :   Liam Cahill
Email :
Comment :   75 years on, I remember with pride my cousin, Maurice ‘Mossie’ Quinlan, killed on this day fighting with the British Battalion of the XV International Brigade in defence of democracy, at the Battle of Jarama. His Waterford comrade, Peter O’Connor, des
Date :   15th February 1937

Name :   Andrea
Email :
Comment :   Hi, just read Matt Becketts diary entry, for the first time actually. Im his granddaughter. Thanks for uploading it!
Date :   15/02/2012

Name :   Allen Glasson
Email :
Comment :   I have some history on Harry Glassona nd I know that cousins Reuben, Kathleen and beattie were from teh Byrne family
Date :   25/12/12012

Name :   Helen Duffield
Email :
Comment :   I often return to these sites to read of my Uncles Johnny Paddy & Willy Power from Waterford who fought in this war. My Uncle Jakeralso known as Johnny lived with his sister my mother from the $)s to his death in the 60,s but would not talk about the Civi
Date :   02/12/2011

Name :   peter sweeney
Email :
Comment :   A great site. Do you have a twitter account which i can follow.
Date :   12/11/2011

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