Name :   Eri_artistically_foolish
Comment :   Hi! I just wanted to say that when I was a kid I use to visit this website all the time. I loved looking at the artwork and just wandering around. I even remember doing some crapy drawings of some of the characters.Its so great to see the site is still

Name :   alert(cool website bruh)
Comment :   Hey super site alert(cool website bruh)

Name :   Rainbow Hearted Gal
Comment :   I was a regular on your two sites and I had started revisiting the ASMO and Sailor Angels. Im sorry your life got in the way. Apparently, so did mine. Dont feel bad...Even artists need to mingle.

Name :   Bamba
Comment :   Ive been lingering on your site since childhood, early 2000s. Your character illustrations have always inspired me to make sailor moon fancharacters. Seeing that your site is still up and running makes me smile. c:

Name :   Juliet
Comment :   Im 23 now, but every time I was home sick from school as a child, Id get on S6 and make a fan senshi! Seeing it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

Name :   tuffuor
Comment :   Gold for sale Dear sir, Compliment of the seasons. I am writing you in capacity and with the power vested in me by our royal family, to your information our family has a very big gold mining land, which is the family source of in come. M

Name :   Lem
Comment :   Is it weird if Im still very curious where you were planning on taking the whole Sailor Earth storyline? I was looking over the site today randomly and remembered when Id check it religiously. I cant believe its been over ten years!

Name :   Nutbar
Comment :   still waiting on that comic ;)

Name :   tai (aka. arael)
Comment :   HIIIII RAMI!!! i was on animeforge not long ago - sometime after i recieved the same email from geocities. i grabbed all that i could from my sites, so i still have everything to do with arael. ^_^ if you want to use her as one of your characters in the

Name :   Pixle
Comment :   Oh hai. I dont feel creepy at all signing this. Except I do.

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