First Name :   Smitty
Comment :   Lonnie, you were always a man of diverse tastes and abilities. Good to see you continue in that tradition. Live long and prosper. Smitty
First Name :   Megan Richard
URL :   
Comment :   I like your website. It is so nice that you honor your dad. It looks like you inherited many of his interests and talents. He must have been proud of you.
First Name :   Donnie
Comment :   What a wonderful blog & so many talents. I really love your fused glass & silver work!
First Name :   Bill
URL :   
Comment :   Ive been making/trying to make knives for 21/2yrs. In another lifetime, I shot bows, but never realized they could be made from a piece of store bought wood. I enjoyed the photography & jewelry pics; youve put together a really nice web site! Boxer Bill,
First Name :   donnie
URL :   what the hell
Comment :   cool but where are the elk hunting pics and when in the hell am i gonna get a dvd!!!!!!
First Name :   Robin
Comment :   Coming from an Ex-sister-in-law, this is a huge compliment, I really enjoyed your site. I am extremely impressed with how crafty you are. See you in the funny papers!
First Name :   Cindi
Comment :   I love it. Keep it Up..Miss ya. Have a Super,Safe,Happy,Healthy,wonderful, Fun-der-ful time of 2008 to come..Take care. Cindi
First Name :   Sheela Smoogles
URL :   
Comment :   I do believe we have something in common.
First Name :   Mom
URL :   
Comment :   With such diversified interests, if I didnt know better, I would think you were someone elses kid. Love you
First Name :   Fleshia Petty
Comment :   This is very interesting especially since your engaged to be married. Doesnt mention anything about your fiance ummmmmmmmmm Does it
First Name :   Steve Fowler
URL :   
Comment :   Nice website, bananahead.
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